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Use our fun and illustrated stories to teach your students grammar.

These stories are precisely made to help you effectively teach grammar:

  • They leave out all the "noise" (such as difficult to understand vocabulary and advanced tenses). That way your lessons can be super focused on one a grammar topic. So your teaching can become much more effective and students are much more motivated.
  • The lessons are built in a step-by-step approach. This makes the lessons better and smoother.
  • Teaching grammar could become boring, but using our stories and many different activities your lessons will be much more interesting and fun.
  • You save yourself priceless time by using our resources as they are, or customizing them.

Help you students enjoy their learning. Get faster and better results as a professional teacher. Save yourself time by using our tested methods and materials.

A Time Traveler’s Mistake – a Story for English Learners

A time travel story for English learners at the advanced level (Levels 10-12 of our English Levels Chart)....


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Active and Passive Voice, Story and Exercises

Rules + story + exercises + answers to teach and practice the active and passive voice in English...


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Best Deal: Full Package of All Store Products + Bonuses

This is our complete set of digital stories, exercises, booklets, books, workbooks, answer keys, and dialogues for English...

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English Conditionals: a Step-by-Step Workbook

The easy way to teach English conditionals. 86 pages of explanations, rules, exercises, stories, and lots of hands-on...


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English Modal Verbs Series

A step-by-step series of illustrated workbooks to teach English modal verbs and their corresponding semi-modal verbs: Can, Could,...


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English Short Stories for Advanced Learners

Over 500 pages of stories, exercises, activities, answers, word lists and definitions for advanced English learners (levels 10-12...


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Practice Speaking English with English Grammar Dialogues

45 pages of illustrated dialogues. These dialogues practice the simple tenses using common everyday situations. There are twenty...


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Simple Future Stories and Exercises

68 pages of rules, useful tables, stories, and exercises for the simple future tense.


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Simple Past Stories and Exercises

86 pages of rules, useful tables, stories, and exercises for the simple past tense.


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Simple Past Tense, a Step-by-Step Guide

A complete tutorial on the simple past tense. It includes easy to follow explanations, dozens of different exercises,...


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Simple Present Stories and Exercises

68 pages of rules, useful tables, stories, and exercises for the simple present tense.

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Simple Tenses Mixed Stories and Exercises

64 pages of rules, useful tables, stories, and exercisesfor all the simple tenses mixed together: simple present, simple...


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