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Past Progressive Story – The Gold Earrings

Future Perfect Story – Dancing All Night

A Short Story for the Modal Verb MUST – Time for Lunch

A Short Story for the Semi-Modal Verb HAD BETTER – Good for Christmas

A Comic Book for English Learners (contains a story, comic book, exercises, and answer key)

Shattered Ice StoryThe Mystery of the Shattered Ice (story, glossary, exercises, and answer key)

Detective Nora and the Ancient Statue: Story, Glossary, Exercises, and Answer Key Detective Nora and the Ancient Statue (story, glossary, exercises, and answer Key)

 figurative language story Near the Sea – a Short Story for Beginners with Focus Sounds



Reading Text with Conditional Sentences Reading Text with Conditional Sentences



a man with cookies English Grammar Articles Worksheet (A/An/The)

a woman with papers English Plural Nouns Worksheets

a couple dancing Modal Verbs Worksheets

a man and a shark Direct and Reported Speech Worksheets

tennis playersSimple Past Worksheets

 Active and Passive Voice Worksheets

 Real Conditionals Worksheet

 Unreal Conditionals Worksheet

 Tag Questions Worksheet

 Direct and Reported Speech Worksheet

  Prepositions of Place and Time Worksheet

Indirect Questions Worksheet

 Gerunds and Infinitives Worksheet

 Capitalization Rules Worksheet

 Phrasal Verbs Worksheet

 Pronouns Worksheet

 Possessives Worksheet

Adverbs Worksheet

 Adjectives Worksheet

 Parts of Speech Worksheet

Countable and Uncountable Nouns Worksheet

Parts of a Sentence Worksheet

Punctuation Marks Worksheet

Helping Verbs Worksheet

 Full Stops and Capitalization Worksheet

Simple Present vs. Present Progressive Worksheet

 Simple Past vs. Present Perfect Worksheet

Predictions Worksheet

Commands Worksheet

Halloween Vocabulary Worksheet for English Learners Halloween Vocabulary Worksheet for English Learners


Lesson Plans

a teacher Present Progressive Lesson Plan

a man and an airplaneReal Conditionals Lesson Plan

a magician Unreal Conditionals Lesson Plan


English Vocabulary Topics

Giving Compliments in English Giving Compliments in English

A Common Mistake in Written English: Its vs It’s A Common Mistake in Written English: Its vs It’s

Fun Class Activities



Twenty Questions

At the Wedding

New Vocabulary Race

Surprising Things


Speed Conversations

Daily Anecdotes

The Desert Island The Desert Island


English Dialogues


ESL Study Tips

Personal Examples

Study with TV


Write Your Own Stories

Read Out Loud

 Study Vocabulary in Context

Sing Along

 Organize an English Lunch

 Total Physical Response

What I Learned


Common ESL Teacher Mistakes



Students Are Different

Forgetting to Review

Using Boring Examples

Running Out of Activities

Wanting to Know Everything

 Giving Lectures

Cultural Sensitivity

 Repetitive Practice

Not Demonstrating

 Grouping Information


Common ESL Learner Mistakes

Choosing Materials That Are Too Hard

Not Asking Questions

Guessing Vocabulary

Not Using Self-study

Reading Very Long Texts

 Being Afraid to Make Mistakes

Choosing the Wrong Materials

Studying Expressions out of Context

Enunciation (Pronouncing Fully)

 Too Much Technology


Confusing Grammar Topics

Present Perfect or Simple Past

Past Perfect Tense

Gerunds and Infinitives

Reporting Questions

Indirect Questions

Stative Verbs

Mixed Conditionals


Tag Questions

The Definite Article

Possessive Pronouns

 Irregular Verbs

 English Conditionals: a Common Mistake

sunflower Can Nouns Be Adjectives?

woman How to Make Your Last Name Plural (Learn Which Mistakes to Avoid)

a boy drops a ball The Passive Voice in the Present Progressive Tense (Also Called Present Continuous)


Tips and Advice

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