Simple Past Tense, a Step-by-Step Guide

By Really Learn English (eBook Format)


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A complete tutorial on the simple past tense. It includes easy to follow explanations, dozens of different exercises, a story in the simple past tense and a final test.

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Are you looking for materials to use while teaching your students the simple past tense?

Search no further. 

This 50-page step-by-step guide will provide you with the materials you need: 

  • Easy to understand, step-by-step explanations
  • Typical time expressions
  • Dozens of different exercises
  • Much focus and practice on the most important irregular verb
  • A special section to practice this tense within a story (reading and exercises)
  • A final test

The guide is built in a special way that simplifies understanding and helps students to really assimilate the subject matter.

Finally, you can easily teach:

  • What is the simple past tense and how it is used
  • The grammar rules
  • Regular and irregular verbs
  • Correct spelling
  • Forming correct positive and negative sentences, as well as questions

What's special about this guide?

This guide uses specific pedagogical methods to ensure your students enjoy a smooth ride to understanding the most important basics of the past tense.

More importantly, this guide is specially built so that they will be able to remember and use what they have learned.

Additional special features:

1) Easy navigation using the clickable table of contents. 

You can navigate easily using the built in bookmarks and clickable table of contents. 

2) You can easily use print-outs of this guide with your students:

  • Upon purchasing the guide you are granted permission to print out or photocopy copies for your students. You can use these copies as lesson materials, class worksheets, homework assignments, quizzes and tests.
  • The guide is specifically designed to be printer friendly. It is written in easily readable type, and the exercises are well spaced to fit your students handwriting.

Can't I get all this data elsewhere for FREE?

You can get some data for free. There are good resources for teachers – on this site, as well as on many others.

But you know how the saying goes: "nothing is for free."

You may not pay with money, but you will pay with your time. You may also pay by compromising on quality.

This guide is very unique, online and offline.

I used my experience with ESL students, as well as specific educational methods, to build this step-by-step guide. It contains the basic elements you need for your lessons.

It can provide you and your students with an effective learning experience.

You can purchase it right here and get your copy immediately, or you can take advantage of the following limited time offer:

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