A Time Traveler’s Mistake – a Story for English Learners

By Really Learn English (eBook Format)

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A time travel story for English learners at the advanced level (Levels 10-12 of our English Levels Chart). This book includes extensive reading practice, exercises, and fun activities (45 pages):

  • Time travel story (divided into chapters)
  • Story’s glossary
  • Vocabulary and grammar questions
  • Sentence structure practice
  • Comprehension and essay questions
  • Role play scenarios, group activity, and crossword

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This book’s plot:

Edward does not have an ordinary job. He is a Time Traveler. Shortly after completing his training, Edward is given his first job – research the life and culture of 1916 England. He knows the strict rules and laws of time travel. He knows what he has to do. Yet, all of that is tested when he meets Helen, a bakery girl who starts to question Edward and everything he represents.

What will Edward do? How will he navigate the difficult world of time travel and keep his job a secret from the lovely Helen?