English Conditionals: a Step-by-Step Workbook

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The easy way to teach English conditionals.

86 pages of explanations, rules, exercises, stories, and lots of hands-on practice.

This is an illustrated step-by-step workbook that will guide you through everything there is to know on this useful topic:

  • First Conditional
  • Second Conditional
  • Third Conditional
  • Zero Conditional
  • Mixed Conditionals

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English Conditionals: a Step-by-step Workbook contains everything you need to teach real and unreal conditionals in English. This resource will help you to:
  • Plan engaging and informative lessons
  • Complement your lessons with activities and homework assignments
  • Make your lessons on conditionals interesting and fun
  • Effectively teach your students so that they can use conditionals correctly and confidently

What is English Conditionals: a Step-by-step Workbook?

What is English Conditionals: a Step-by-step Workbook? 

This is an organized, comprehensive, and engaging resource that focuses in teaching real and unreal conditionals in English. It contains simple explanations and many examples that bring students from zero knowledge up to full mastery of the more complex unreal conditional structures.

What is included in this workbook?

1. Teacher’s Guide
This introductory chapter includes tips and advice that will help you to use this workbook to its full potential and bring your lessons on conditionals to the next level!
Teacher’s Guide
2. Real Conditionals
This unit contains clear and concise explanations of the zero and first conditionals in English with structure tables and numerous examples. Each lesson also includes a story with its corresponding exercise, a homework assignment, and a partner practice activity to finish the unit.
Real Conditionals
3. Unreal Conditionals
This unit explains second and third conditionals in English. Like the previous unit, this unit on unreal conditionals includes easy-to-understand explanations and examples, as well as stories, activities, and homework assignments.
Unreal Conditionals
4. Rule Summary 
Here you can find a quick reference guide where you and your students can review the structures for forming each of the different conditionals in English.
Rule Summary
5. Final Test
This workbook includes a final exam so that you can test your students’ knowledge after completing all the explanations and activities. This is an important step for their confidence and your ability to check their understanding.
Final Test
6. Answer Key
The workbook also includes a full answer key for each of the exercises, partner practice activities, and the final test so that your students can check their work as they go.
Answer Key

How is each unit set up and how will it help me and my students?

Each lesson unit contains the following sections:
  • An explanation of use and structures
  • A simple, funny story that includes highlighted examples in context
  • An exercise based on the story
  • A homework assignment working with the particular conditional being studied
  • A partner practice activity at the end of each unit (real conditionals and unreal conditionals)
The examples are clearly stated and complete. This way, neither you nor your students are left with doubts about each conditional’s use and structure.
The stories are short, simple, and entertaining. Each has a funny ending that will make them more engaging and enjoyable for you and your students. Not only do they show the conditionals in context, but they are also a great opportunity for pronunciation practice when your students read them out loud!
There are a wide variety of exercises
  • Multiple choice questions 
  • Sentence completion 
  • Matching exercises 
  • Error correction 
  • Picture descriptions 
  • Original examples to be written by the students
Original examples to be written by the students
Each homework assignment offers comprehensive practice of the skills learned in each lesson. You won’t have to plan any homework assignments at all!
Finally, the partner practice activities are a great opportunity for your students to interact in class and talk about the uses and structures in the units in their own words, practicing together.

How is English Conditionals: a Step-by-step Workbook useful for tutors working one-on-one with students?

Working in a tutoring relationship with one student can be very intensive because of all the planning involved. You need good, complete materials that include a great deal of variety so that the class does not become monotonous or dry.
This workbook is excellent for tutors because of its:
  • Thorough and clear explanations 
  • Many examples
  • Varied exercises
  • Funny stories
Since all the planning is done for you with great variety and organization, you won’t need to do it yourself!
Also, the partner practice activities are easily converted into a tutor-student collaboration and review. You can assign the homework and exercises, but work together in class on the partner practice activities and have your student read the stories out loud. 

What’s special about this workbook?

It’s written using the Really Learn English method.

What makes the Really Learn English method special?

All materials created by Really Learn English are thorough and complete. It may come as a surprise, but if you think about it, a very thorough method may be the fastest method!
Just think – you don’t have to constantly come back to topics that weren’t fully or correctly explained in the materials you’ve been working with.
Really Learn English materials:
  • Are easy to understand.
  • Have a step-by-step approach that leads students through the basics up to complex skills.
  • Allow you to immerse your students in the topic. Since each unit contains explanations, exercises, a story, homework, and partner practice, your students get everything they need. Plus all the planning is done for you!
  • Contain fun and entertaining exercises and stories, as well as illustrations to add color and interest to the lessons.

Who is English Conditionals: Step-by-step Workbook for?

This workbook has been created for intermediate to advanced students. They should already have a general vocabulary and be familiar with:
  • The twelve tenses in English
  • Modal verbs (will and would)
  • Irregular past tense verbs

Who is this workbook NOT for?

  • Beginners
  • Elementary-level learners
  • Very advanced learners who are already comfortable with real and unreal conditionals

How can I be sure that English Conditionals: a Step-by-step Workbook is the right resource to use with my students?

You don't need to take our word for it. The best way is to use it in your lessons and watch the results.

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WHY should you get this workbook?

  • Because the workbook is designed using a proven method for data assimilation and skills building.
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  • Because it will save you as a teacher hours and hours of your time.
  • Because your students will thank you.

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