Simple Future Stories and Exercises

By Really Learn English (eBook Format)

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68 pages of rules, useful tables, stories, and exercises for the simple future tense.

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(You can get this product at a discount by purchasing the entire series together.)

68 pages of rulesuseful tablesstories, and exercises for the simple future tense.

This unique book contains: 

  • Simple future rules and tables (positive sentences, negative sentences, questions, special verbs, and correct usage).

  • Explanations, examples, and exercises on "Will" versus "Be Going To" and when to use each.

  • Simple future rules exercises to practice correct sentence structure.

  • Five special short stories with illustrations, written mainly in the simple future tense. That way the student and teacher can concentrate on reading and practicing this tense specifically.

  • Special exercises before and after every story to practice story vocabulary, sentence structure, simple future grammar rules, comprehension, and writing skills.

  • Everything is delivered using a special step-by-step approach for maximum teaching results.

(You can also get it at a discounted price by purchasing the entire series together.)