Word Webs

It's important to try different, fun vocabulary activities in your English classes. One great idea for learning vocabulary is using English word webs. 

Think of a web like a network of connected vocabulary words. Imagine a spiderweb with one important topic at the center and other related words around it. This is a vocabulary web!

Maybe you and your students are working on vocabulary about people. You can have your students draw a circle in the middle of the board with "describing people" written in it. Then start drawing lines out from the center and add related vocabulary words.

Add sections of verbsadjectives, and nouns. Do your students know any related expressions? Add them, too!

Your students can work together to brainstorm all the vocabulary they know, or you can split your students into groups and have them compete to see who can think of more vocabulary words.

If you are working with just one student, this is still a great activity for reviewing vocabulary.

This is a good activity to use at the end of a unit or semester. You can use it for any topic that you've been working on, so it is very versatile.

Be sure to have your students copy their completed vocabulary webs into their notebooks so they can review later. This is especially great for visual learners.