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110 pages of high interest/low vocabulary stories, as well as many types of exercises for your students + a full answer key.

Please note all materials are delivered in digital form. This means you can download and print them.

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"The English Short Stories Book & Workbook that Will Motivate Your Students!"

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Book for ESL studentsAre you looking for interesting and easy to read stories for your ESL / EFL students?

If the answer is YES, then keep on reading, because the following ESL book is just for you:

  • Simple vocabulary and sentence structure
  • No complicated words or advanced tenses
  • Amusing and funny stories
  • High interest for teenagers and adults  

These are high quality short stories professionally designed for ESL students.

Experience shows that students like to use this book to study and improve their English!

Book Table of Contents:

Story 1 – Surprise!    

Story 2 – Oh, the Horror…

Story 3 – Tomorrow, My Dear…

Story 4 – An Unexpected Hitchhiker

Story 5 – The Free Gift

Story 6 – Royalty Food

Story 7 – A Very Special Gift Card

Story 8 – The Wedding

Story 9 – The (Dead) Washing Machine

Story 10 – A Special Family Meeting

What other teachers are saying:

"Hello Ola,

I have downloaded your Short Stories and have begun to use them in my EFL classes in Spain.  

My students love them! I use them with students of all ages and levels.  

The Short Stories have become one of my favorite resources. Thank you for sharing them with busy teachers!!!!!"

Sherry Olson, English teacher

"I like it very much and the students too. They are teenagers. 

This is a very good story for their age. Funny and full of nice expressions and words...

We had a lot of fun!

I myself have always been looking for such easy books, and there are not so many of them. So this one of yours is a success."

Lena K.  English teacher

The English Short Stories Workbook

Workbook for ESL studentsWhat about the PRACTICE?

The storybook comes with a complete workbook, and it is full of exercises to improve your students' English even further. 

Vocabulary, grammar, comprehension and writing exercises. Each story gets its own set of exercises. 

You can use them as:

  • Ready to use complete lesson plans
  • Homework assignments
  • ESL Worksheets
  • Essay writing assignments
  • "Unseen" quizzes
  • Comprehension tests

What learners are saying:

"The stories are interesting and made me learn and have fun at the same time.

The exercises make you practice English easily, and this helps remember how to use English correctly."

Michael T.  student

"Great stories! They are fun to read, 

and fun to practice. It really helps 

to learn English."

Neta G.  student

  • High interest and simple vocabulary short stories
  • Important vocabulary is frequently repeated
  • New vocabulary and common slang provide additional challenge
  • No more hours of searching for suitable stories and exercises
  • Use these stories and exercises as complete lesson plans
  • Improve your students' English step by step


Emma and Jerry

Now you can get the Book + Workbook (110 pages in total) and additional bonuses.  

Instant download! 

No need to wait for days for your books. 

English Short Stories Bonuses List:

Bonus #1 – English Short Stories for Complete Beginners


  • 54 pages long
  • Fully illustrated
  • Simple and easy

Ideal for complete beginners or kids learning English.

Your "teacher's toolkit" is incomplete without it:

  • Simple and easy stories
  • Specifically designed for complete beginners
  • Fully illustrated by the author to provide expressive visual aids
  • Useful to teach reading, basic sentence structure, and practice basic sounds of letters
  • Funny and enjoyable

And above all: a great motivation booster!

Bonus #2 – English Plural Nouns – a Step by Step Guide


This 30-pages booklet gives you a clear and easy tutorial on making English plurals.

Full lessons on:

  • How and when to add S / ES / IES
  • Irregular plural nouns
  • Nouns with identical singular and plural forms
  • Plural-only nouns
  • Countable and uncountable nouns

All lessons include many examples and exercises, as well as a real story to practice all plural forms in action. 

At the end of the guide there is a FINAL TEST.

You get all of this for free when purchasing the English Short Stories book and workbook!

Bonus #3 – Simple Past Tense – a Step by Step Guide

Simple Past Tense

This 50-pages booklet provides you with the materials you need to teach your students the simple past tense.

Full lessons on:

  • What is the simple past tense and how it is used
  • The grammar and spelling rules
  • Typical time expressions
  • Dozens of different exercises
  • Much focus and practice on the most important irregular verbs
  • A special section to practice this tense within a story (reading and exercises)
  • A final test

The guide is built in a special way that simplifies understanding and helps students to really assimilate the subject matter.

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English Short Stories Book and Workbook, English Lessons for Beginners