The Mystery of the Shattered Ice Exercises, Grammar Questions

An Intermediate Level Lesson to Practice Winter Vocabulary

This lesson is for intermediate students (see our chart of English levels). It practices reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, essay writing, sentence structure, and role play.

Follow these steps:

  1. Before reading: go over the story's glossary. It contains winter words and other more advanced words.
  2. Reading: read the story. It has 3 parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.
  3. After reading: do the exercises. The exercises section has several parts:
    vocabulary questions 1 (winter words)
    vocabulary questions 2 (non-winter words)
    - grammar questions (this page)
    comprehension and essay writing
    sentence jumbles and role play
  4. Answers: check your answers using the answer key.

After Reading: Exercises

Grammar Questions

A) The kids smile ________ they jump out.

  1. while
  2. at
  3. as
  4. if

B) Charlotte sounds ________ than usual.

  1. angrily
  2. angriest
  3. angry
  4. angrier

C) The ice ________ delivered yesterday

  1. was
  2. were
  3. had
  4. been

D) His theory actually ________ a lot of sense.

  1. has
  2. makes
  3. does
  4. is

E) There are piles of ice where there ________ be blocks.

  1. should
  2. ought
  3. have
  4. will have

F) Roger wants to ________ a glass of eggnog.

  1. got
  2. gotten
  3. gets
  4. get

Click here to go to the comprehension and essay writing exercises.