Study with TV

One of the advantages of studying English is that there is a huge amount of material available to you in English. For example, you can find materials created for English learners.

You can also find lots of musicmovies, and television programs on the internet in English. Watching videos or series is actually an excellent way to practice real English!

First be sure to choose videos that are appropriate for your level. If they are too hard, you will not have much fun watching them because it will be too difficult for you to understand.

You can gradually improve your vocabulary and your listening comprehension by watching videos in stages. This works especially well for movies or TV series that you can find on DVD because they include subtitles in many languages.
  1. Watch one of your favorite movies or television series with subtitles in your own language. If you do not understand some of the dialogue, read the subtitles to help you. Be sure to make a list of new words you hear.
  2. Later, you can watch the movie or episode again, but this time with subtitles in English (or closed captions). Read along as the characters speak. Keep your list of new words with you in case you need to check.
  3. Finally, you can try watching the video or episode one more time without subtitles. Can you understand all the dialogue? You probably do not have to look at your vocabulary list very much!
Follow these steps with your own favorite movie or television show, and you will be surprised at how much fun you will have as you improve your listening and vocabulary.