Study Vocabulary in Context

There are many different ways to study new words and build your vocabulary in English. You should try different methods to find the ones that work the best for you.

But the most effective way to study vocabulary is to use the words in context. This works much better than studying new words from a list.

Here are some different methods for studying vocabulary words in context.
  1. You can make flashcards with pictures. This will help associate an image with the new word in your mind.
  2. Identify the words that are the most difficult for you. Then write your own funny sentences that use these words.
  3. Read special examples that use new phrases and words.
  4. Find some funny short stories that practice the vocabulary.
  5. Make some word webs with your classmates to see who can remember the most related vocabulary words.
  6. Play some fun vocabulary games with your classmates for some great practice.
All of these different ideas practice the vocabulary words in context. If you just repeat the words to yourself or write them many times, the information is isolated. It is not connected to any of the other English words that you know.

If you study new words in context, you will remember them much better. This will help you learn English even faster!