Students Are Different

As you will soon see in the teaching center, every student is different. As a teacher, you cannot expect that all your students will understand new topics or vocabulary at the same time.

In fact, they will also have different interests and even different learning styles!

Think about your own learning style. Do you prefer to write out examples, listen to information, make flashcards, explain topics in your own words, or something else? There is a lot of variety in how people learn.

For example, some students learn best when they can move around the classroom. They get bored easily if they sit still. Others like to have quiet study time.

So what happens if you have two very different students in the same class? Well, the best solution is to keep your lesson plans varied and interesting.

Mix it up! Use some educational songs or some fun icebreaker activities. Try to use activities that use listening, writing, speaking, and reading each week or at least each month. Also use at least one active game or activity that gets the students moving each month.

That way, everyone gets a bit of what works best for them.

Finally, remember to be patient and flexible during your lessons. Ask your students what works best for them.

You can start by asking your students what study methods they use and what activities they enjoy the most. Also ask them what activities help them remember new words and grammar.

Then, as you do different activities, have your students give you feedback. What parts did they like? What parts were difficult to understand? Improve the activities for future lessons. You will learn from your students and make your lessons better and better!