Are you looking for a fun, engaging activity to do in class with your students?

It's always a great idea to use music in your class. This can really change the routine and let you and your students have a lot of fun!

You can do lots of different things with songs in class.

For example:

  • See grammar in context
  • Learn vocabulary words
  • Practice pronunciation
  • Practice listening with fill-in-the-blank activities
  • Have students write their own songs or new lyrics

Songs can also be a great way to learn about culture. What kind of music is popular in different English-speaking countries?

Choose your favorite musicians or ask your students what kind of music they like and then choose an appropriate song.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you are choosing a song:

  1. You should be able to clearly understand the lyrics. If the singer is easy to understand, your students will have an easier time with the activity.
  2. Choose a song with some new vocabulary words, but not too many! Your students should understand all the words and should not be guessing from context. You can give them a list of new vocabulary words clearly defined.
  3. Find a song that uses some grammar you're working on, like one of the tenses.
  4. Create structured activities using the song. 
    You could try:
  • Reading the lyrics out loud
  • Fill-in-the-blank listening activities
  • Using examples from the song to explain grammar
  • Having the students write another verse or a short story based on the lyrics
  • Singing the song together or karaoke
There are endless ideas! Be sure to keep your lessons focused and level-appropriate. You and your students will really enjoy working with music!