Running Out of Work and Activities

As a teacher, you know that you need to plan lots of different activities for your English classes.

You should have different games and activities for your students to practice their grammar, interact, and activate new skills. They should always create their own examples in these activities.

But sometimes your students do such a good job with a topic that they finish their activities very quickly! What should you do so that you do not run out of work for your students?

The most important thing is to always prepare a complete lesson plan with several different activities. They should all practice different skills, so your class can include:
  • A speaking activity or a role play
  • A reading activity with understanding questions
  • A song or video for listening
  • An activity where your students have to write their own examples
Remember that your activities can be silly and fun. It is important for your students to feel interested in the activity!

Another great tip to prevent running out of activities is to maintain an emergency activity folder with the materials or photocopies you need.
  1. Always have an extra role play activity ready.
  2. Keep some photocopies of funny stories for your students to read.
  3. Carry some song lesson plans with you, too. They do not have to be too long.
  4. Create a sheet with some interesting situations on them. Your students can write silly stories about them.
Finally, remember to always be flexible. Many times, you will not get to all the activities in your lesson plan. Other times, you will need to use extra activities.

Always keep your emergency activity folder ready in case you need it!