Organize an English Lunch

It can take some effort to find opportunities to speak English outside of class, but it is very important for you to improve your speaking and listening.

If you can talk to native speakers, that is wonderful. But your classmates or other English learners are also great people to practice with. You can really help each other out.

Organizing fun group activities is an excellent idea to motivate yourselves to speak English together in a relaxed environment. One idea is to have English lunches.

If you enjoy cooking, you can even prepare all the food as a group! It will be a great challenge to talk about all the ingredients and directions together in English. This is great food vocabulary practice.

You can also look for traditional recipes from English-speaking countries. If you have classmates from different parts of the world, you can all share traditional dishes and talk about them in English.

Find a group of English speakers or learners and plan to get together once every two weeks, for example. You can all get together at someone's home or in a public park to share food.

Use this informal time to practice making jokes and using informal language. It will be a nice change from the more formal tone you might be used to in your English lessons.

Try to continue to meet periodically to keep practicing your speaking. You can even choose special topics or celebrate holidays or birthdays with your English lunch group. Keep practicing and you will have lots of fun learning together!