Open Quotes

Are you looking for a fun activity to mix up your English classes? The most engaging and enjoyable activities for students are the ones that let them be creative and use their knowledge.

Try using this "open quotes" activity. It is a fun way for your students to share their ideas, and you will be surprised at how funny, interesting, and thoughtful their answers are!

Prepare a worksheet for your students with the beginnings of sentences on them. Do not include the ending, because your students are going to complete them on their own. 

You can use common expressions in English, which is a great way for your students to learn new idioms and practice some they have seen before.

For example:
  • The best things in life are...
  • When in doubt...
Have your students work silently to complete the sentences. Then everyone will share their endings. Whose is the funniest or the most interesting?

You can also use quotes by famous people. Check the internet for things popular authors, politicians, sports figures, or artists have said. You can use local figures and translate their quotes into English.

Your students will have lots of fun with this activity, and it is a nice change of pace from your regular lessons.