Not Using Self-study

By now you have realized that learning English takes a lot of time and effort. But you also know that it is really worth it!

Some students want to learn English really fast. You can work hard to learn more quickly, but it is not realistic to think you will be able to learn an entire language in just a few months.

Let's look at how self-study can really accelerate your learning.

Working with your teacher and classmates during your English classes is very important. This is the time when you can get immediate answers, interact easily in English, and get detailed explanations from your teacher.

But repetition and review are what will really help you to remember the new skills you are learning. There are a few steps you can follow:
  1. First, do all of the homework that your teacher assigns. These activities are specially designed to help you practice and remember your new English skills.
  2. Make your own vocabulary lists and grammar review sheets. You are the only one who knows what words and structures are especially difficult for you!
  3. Look for materials that are interesting to you. These can include movies, television shows, news articles, songs, or stories. 
  4. Find a partner to speak English with. You can check out conversation groups or get together with a friend to speak. Your friend does not need to be a native speaker!
You will need to go the extra mile and work hard if you want to learn English as quickly as possible. Try to get lots of contact with the language, both in class and when you are alone.

If you rely on classes alone, it will take you a long time to learn the language. But if you do lots of different kinds of self-study, you will be surprised at how fast you learn. 

It is important for you to identify difficult topics that give you trouble, like prepositionsor conditionals, and study on your own until you feel comfortable using them.

Work hard and you will get great results!