Not Asking Questions

When you are learning a language, everything is new. Sometimes students feel silly if they do not understand everything immediately. This is a common reason why English learners sometimes do not ask questions in class, even if they do not understand. 

Now, that is a big mistake!

Let's look at some reasons why it is very important to ask questions if you do not understand.

If you are not sure about something your teacher explains, maybe you think you are all alone. You might imagine that everyone else understands, and only you do not. This is almost certainly not true! Just look at all these student questions.

If you do not understand something, someone else in class probably has the same question. But what if they feel embarrassed to ask, too? Then no one will understand. That really is silly.

Questions are very important. Here's why:
  • They let the teacher know if something is not being explained clearly.
  • They allow you to fix your problem immediately. You do not want to learn something incorrectly!
  • They often lead to new, interesting conversations.
You also might forget your question later. Remember that class is a place for you to learn. Everyone else is doing the same thing, and the goal is for you to really understand English.

After class, you have to try to find the answer alone. But your teacher can explain the problem immediately and give you examples so that you really understand.

So don't be afraid. Go ahead and ask!