Giving Lectures

It is very important to give your students clear explanations and good examples, but they must also be very active in class.

When they use the new skills on their own, they will really remember them. So, rather than just giving a lecture (a class in which you talk the whole time), you should plan lots of fun and creative activities for your students.

You already know that when your students are interested in the lesson, they learn a lot more. The best fun is when the students can actively participate.

In fact, when you plan your lesson, you should dedicate a lot of time to activation. There are several reasons for this.
  1. When your students are only listening, they are passive. They do not have to produce anything in English, just listen and understand. They will not remember everything they hear.
  2. If your students get bored, they will not pay much attention. If this happens, your students will not learn!
  3. When students have to make their own examples, play games, or answer questions, you can see if they really understand. You can correct mistakes and help your students.
  4. Seeing what is easy and difficult for your students will also help you plan your next classes and create review activities and homework.
Try using games or dialogues to practice specific tenses and vocabulary. Your lessons will be more dynamic, you and your students will have more fun, and your teaching will be more effective.