Gerunds and Infinitives

As you know, some grammar topics in English can be a little tricky. But with review and practice, you will feel much more comfortable.

One topic that can be a little difficult for English learners is the use of gerunds and infinitives.

An infinitive is the basic form of the verb.

For example:
  • to eat
  • to listen
  • to play
A gerund is the -ing form of the verb. It works like a noun in a sentence.

For example:
  • Playing an instrument can be difficult.
  • Swimming is good for your whole body.

You also need to remember that in English, some verbs are always followed by infinitives, and others are always followed by gerunds. Some can take both. Review the verbs lists and gerunds and infinitives table for practice.

For example:
  • I enjoy working with other people.
  • We need to buy some milk at the store.
Keep practicing and write some sentences of your own to help you remember how to use each verb. With some review, you will have no trouble at all!