Forgetting to Review

As you create your lesson plans, it is important to keep pace in mind. You don't want to move so quickly that your students get lost.

It is important to check understanding and be sure that your students have mastered one skill before you move on to a new topic.

In fact, your lesson plans should always include review! Let's see how.

Consider reading our article about how to organize your English lessons. You'll see that all of your classes should begin and end with a review.

Logically, each class you teach will follow the information you covered in the previous class. This is why it is so important for your students to understand before you move on.

In the first five minutes of class, ask your students about what you did last time. Can they remember? They can use their notes! Ask them for some examples, which can be fun and silly.

This quick review will get your students warmed up for class and save you time in your explanation later.

Now you will do your normal introduction of new material and your activities to practice it with the students. 

Finally, end your class with another quick five-minute review of what you have learned today. Who can make the most interesting or funny example using today's new skills?

These reviews have several important benefits:
  • Your students are very sure of what they have learned today.
  • They also feel confident about the new skill.
  • You have an automatic check for understanding.
  • This will save you time because you will not have to answer too many questions later.
So, remember: review, review, review!

And if this lesson planning sounds like a lot of work, remember that all the materials in our store include complete lesson plans with introduction, activation, and review!