There are lots of different ways to study vocabulary, and each learner has different preferences. 

One method that works well for lots of people is using flashcards. They are good because they can help you to organize your vocabulary and are very flexible. For example, they allow you to work alone or with a partner. You can also use translations or pictures, depending on what works best for you.

For example, imagine you are working on clothes vocabulary. On the flashcard for the word "vest," you will put the English word on one side. On the other, you can put a picture of a vest or the translation in your own language. 

Try both methods to see if the picture helps you remember better than the translation.

Next, try studying with the flashcards in different ways. Try these suggestions:
  1. Make a pile of flashcards with related words (clothes vocabulary, food, travel, etc.)
  2. Study alone first. If you remember the word easily, put the card into one pile. If the word is very difficult for you, place it in a second pile. Keep reviewing the second pile until you can remember all the words easily.
  3. For the especially difficult words, make a third pile. Write an example sentence for each card in the pile.
  4. Find a friend and practice together. If one of you has trouble with a certain word, share your example sentences. They will help you both remember.
  5. You can also use the especially difficult words to create dialogues that you can practice with your partner.
Flashcards are also a great way to review for tests or quizzes, or just to review the words after a few weeks to be sure you still remember them. Just get out your pile of flashcards and have a quick, effective review!

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