Direct and Reported Speech Worksheet

Before you practice using this worksheet, be sure to review the article on direct and reported speech on our website.

Exercise A: Changes in Pronouns and Place and Time Words

Below each picture is a sentence with direct speech. Below that, write the correct words in the blanks to complete the reported speech.


a kid with a book

Tom says, "I really like this book I bought yesterday."

Tom said ___________ really liked ___________ book he bought ___________.


a man on a bike

Marty says, "I am practicing for my race."

Marty said ___________ was practicing for ____________ race.


a dog biting a mailman

John says, "This angry little dog is always here waiting for me!"

John said __________ angry little dog was always __________ waiting for ___________.


a woman reading a book

Erica says, "I will go to my favorite spot to read this afternoon."

Erica said ___________ would go to ___________ favorite spot to read ___________ afternoon.


a boy drinking a soda

Zack says, "I can share some of my soda with you."

Zack said __________ could share some of ___________ soda with __________.


farmers with their cow

Nora says, "Our cow will be milked tomorrow."

Nora said __________ cow would be milked __________.


a girl standing next to ice

Penny says, "I am scared to step on the ice here."

Penny said ___________ was scared to step on the ice _________.


a man sleeping next to his desk

Henry says, "I am tired because my baby cried a lot last night."

Henry said __________ was tired because __________ baby cried a lot ___________.


a boy checking his shoe

Paul says, "I think I have something on the bottom of my shoe."

Paul said ____________ thought ____________ had something on the bottom of ___________ shoe.


a nervous man

Aaron says, "I am nervous about the meeting with my supervisor in two weeks."

Aaron said __________ was nervous about the meeting with ___________ supervisor __________.

Exercise B: Tense Backshift

Under each picture is a sentence with direct speech. Complete the sentence with reported speech using the appropriate tense backshift.


guys talking

Bill says, "I have some really great ideas for the project."

Bill said he ______________ some really great ideas for the project.


a woman checking the tires

Natalie says, "I checked the tires before buying the car."

Natalie says she ____________ the tires before buying the car.


a woman making breakfast

Amanda says, "I will make breakfast for you in the morning."

Amanda said she _______________ breakfast for us in the morning.


a man looking out

James says, "Everyone should look at the beautiful view!"

James said everyone __________ look at the beautiful view.


a woman playing tennis

Janet says, "I am working on my serve."

Janet said she ____________ on her serve.


a man making an announcement

Nate says, "I can tell you all about the new employee."

Nate said he _____________ us all about the new employee.


a woman singing

Olivia says, "I will be performing in a new opera next month."

Olivia said she ____________ in a new opera the following month.


a doctor

Julia says, "I have studied biology, chemistry, and nutrition."

Julia said she _____________ biology, chemistry, and nutrition.


a boy running

Miles says, "I was running around all afternoon trying to get everything done!"

Miles said he ___________ around all afternoon trying to get everything done.


a detective

Ian says, "I had figured out the mystery before anyone else."

Ian said he _____________ out the mystery before anyone else.

Exercise C: Reporting Questions, Orders, and Requests

Below each picture is a sentence in direct speech. Fill in the blanks to correctly report the sentences WITHOUT using the tense backshift. (You will need to put more than one word in each space.)


Matt says, "Why is the cat on the bed?"
Matt asks why the cat is on the bed.


Hannah says, "Answer the phone."
Hannah says to answer the phone.



women talking

Felicity says, "Visit me again soon."

Felicity says ____________ her again soon.


a man confused

Eric asks, "Where is the museum?"

Eric asks _____________________________.


a woman running in circles

The coach says, "Do not stop, Caroline!"

The coach tells Caroline ____________________.


a big mess

Dad says, "Help me organize the closet!"

Dad says _____________ him organize the closet.


a woman with a question

Harriet asks, "How many cups do they have?"

Harriet asks __________________________.


a boy with a bad grade

Mom says, "Do not worry about one bad grade."

Mom says __________ about one bad grade.


a woman with groceries

June says, "Help me with the groceries!"

June says __________ her with the groceries.


a girl on the phone

Rose asks, "What time is the concert?"

Rose asks ____________________________.


a woman with a pile of documents

Nancy says, "File all of these documents before 6:00."

Nancy says ___________ all of these documents before 6:00.


a tired man

Howard says, "Please make me some strong coffee."

Howard tells me __________ him some strong coffee.