Daily Anecdotes

Daily anecdotes are a great icebreaker activity to begin each class. They are a good way to get students to practice reading and writing, and they can also share funny stories with their classmates!

They are short and you can choose any topic you like to match the activitiesyou are working on in class. It's a flexible and fun activity that you can use at almost any level! 

At the end of each class, ask your students to write a short paragraph about a topic. You can choose something funny that the students might like to share. For example:
  • the best gift you ever got
  • the silliest way you ever hurt yourself
  • a time you laughed so much, you started to cry
  • a time someone gave you a very nice compliment
For each class, all of the students should prepare their paragraph. This is very helpful for the teacher to identify things that are difficult for the students in writing.
Then, at the beginning of each class, have a few volunteers talk about their anecdotes. This is great speaking practice, and it can lead to nice conversations between classmates.

Remember that this activity is very flexible, so you can create the topics to work with any different verb tense or vocabulary topic you might be working on. Enjoy and get creative!

Your students will like this one. Also, check out the teaching center for more tips and ideas!