If you feel like your classes need a little more fun and excitement, you should try playing some fun ESL games with your students.

There are many different board games and online games that your students can enjoy as they practice vocabulary. But while you are together in class, take advantage of the time and the space to do something really active and fun, like playing charades.

Charades is a fun game people play with groups at parties or events. It is very easy for you to prepare, and your students will have a great time! It gives them a chance to:
  • Compete
  • Work in groups
  • Move around the classroom
  • Be creative
  • Laugh
This game works especially well to practice new verbs, but it can be used for any vocabulary topic. All you need to do is:
  1. Prepare small pieces of paper with the verbs on them.
  2. Divide the class into two groups.
  3. Have the groups take turns sending one "actor" to the front of the class.
  4. Give the actor a piece of paper with a verb.
  5. Have the student act out the verb while his or her teammates try to guess what it is.
  6. If they guess correctly, give them a point. 
  7. Then have the other team take a turn sending an actor to the front of the class.
Each student will have a chance to act and guess. You can put a time limit on the acting if you want to make the game more competitive. If the actor's team cannot guess the verb, the other team can try to guess correctly to steal the point. Which team can act and guess the best?