Being Afraid to Make Mistakes

As your English improves, you will need to speak, write, and interact in more complex situations. Many students get very nervous about this. They think that making a mistake means they have failed.

This is not at all true! A mistake is actually a wonderful opportunity to learn. The context of the situation will really help you to remember the correct way to say something in English.

Also, remember that even native speakers make mistakes with their grammar, pronunciation, and even spelling. A language is a very complicated body of information, so everyone makes some mistakes. A great English learner will use these opportunities constructively.

You know that spoken English can be a bit different from written English. When you are speaking, you need to choose your words and grammar very quickly. You are also listening to another person or many people.

Another point to keep in mind is that in real life English, many speakers do not pronounce all of their words in the same way they are written. It is important to get lots of practice to feel comfortable with spoken English. You can do this with dialogues written in natural English.
You will make some mistakes as you try to incorporate these pronunciations.Sometimes you will not understand what someone says. This just means that you are trying something new and more challenging!

If you make a mistake, find the correct way to say something and write it down. You can practice it later. And do not be afraid to ask someone to repeat what they said! Mistakes and repetition help you learn English, so you should never feel stupid if you say something that is not perfect.