At the Wedding

When you are working with a new group of students, you can use an icebreaker activity to get them interacting in a more relaxed way. You can also use fun activities to add some energy to a lesson that is dragging a bit.

The activity called "At the Wedding" is great for practicing family vocabulary, introductions, and greetings.

This activity works best for large groups, but you can also use it with just one or two students.

First, create personality cards for your students. They should contain this kind of information:
  • Name: Edna Watkins
  • Age: 33
  • Profession: Interior decorator
  • Family relationship: The bride's cousin
You can add interests or hobbies if you want. Change the information according to whatever vocabulary or grammar you are working on.

Give each student a personality card. Explain that they are all at a wedding reception and they do not know each other. They will introduce themselves to each other and explain how they are related to the bride or groom. Give them a time limit of two minutes with each new partner before they change.

They should also think of polite comments about the wedding. They can talk about the food, the decorations, the speeches, the clothes, or anything else. Maybe they can even try some jokes or puns. Again, direct your students to use the vocabulary you want to practice.