A 4th of July Reunion: A Story of Arrogance, Friendship, and Success

A 4th of July Reunion: A Story of Arrogance, Friendship, and Success (Story for English Learners)

Do you want to improve your English skills, while reading a heartwarming story? 

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Many people think that they need to spend hours memorizing grammar rules, in order to improve their English language skills. 

But the truth is there are many ways to learn without having to spend so much time, on just boring rules. 

We have a large collection of short stories that will keep you entertained, while also strengthening your English skills. One of these stories is called, "A 4th of July Reunion: A Story of Arrogance, Friendship, and Success"

This inspirational story, is about a group of friends, who are reunited, after years apart. 

At the beginning of the booklet, before the story itself, there is a glossary of words and their definitions

This way, you can quickly look up any word you don't understand and continue reading. 

Or, you can study the words before you even start reading to build your vocabulary.

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