English Short Stories for Beginners (Also Suitable for Children)

By Really Learn English (eBook Format)

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425 pages of illustrated short stories, starting with the most basic words and sentences. The stories (151 pages) come with a complete workbook, full of exercises and illustrated activities (274 pages).

  • Made specifically for ESL/EFL beginners
  • Suitable for all ages, including young children
  • Each story is very short, and you get many of them!
  • Fully illustrated
  • Easy to understand
  • Fun and amusing

Please note all materials are delivered in digital form. This means you will be able to download and print them immediately.

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This Package Includes:

1. English Short Stories for Beginners (151 pages of fully illustrated stories + Teacher's Guide + Word Lists) 

2. English Short Stories for Beginners Illustrated Workbook (274 pages of exercises and illustrated activities + a full answer key)

3. A Special Bonus: English Short Stories for Complete Beginners (54 pages)

The English Short Stories for Beginners storybook consists of 4 different sections:

1. English Short Stories for Beginners, Level 1, Step A

Level 1


Start reading quickly and easily with these set of stories.

 page 21

This booklet introduces and practices basic nouns and adjectives, as well as the word “a”.

At first, all words are grouped based on their vowel sounds.

Later on, this step introduces the difference between singular and plural nouns.

All words are basic and simple: 

  • Most contain a single syllable
  • There are no advanced spelling patterns such as the silent “e”, "ough", and "tion"
  • They have simple meanings

Each word is repeated many times.

This serves two purposes:

  • To practice reading it
  • To assist in remembering the meaning or translation

Each of the following steps provides further practice on the words and principles learned in the step(s) before.

The goal is to gradually build up the student's vocabulary and reading skills.

2. English Short Stories for Beginners, Level 1, Step B

page 45

This step introduces and practices additional basic nouns and adjectives, as well as some key verbs

The basic sentence structure is used for the first time.

3. English Short Stories for Beginners, Level 1, Step C

page 59

This step introduces and practices additional basic words, as well as key prepositions.
It also teaches the difference between "a" and "an".

page 81

At the end of this step, there are a few very short stories.

4. English Short Stories for Beginners, Level 2

Level 2

The illustrated adventures of Angela and Tom:

  • Basic, easy vocabulary
  • Easy spelling
  • Simple present tense only
  • Full word count is provided, and new words are specified for each story

page 148

The Illustrated Workbook

274 pages of exercises and illustrated activities + a full answer key.

Exercises include:

  • fill in the blank
  • remember which word
  • differentiation between confusing words
  • vowel spelling exercises
  • consonant spelling exercises
  • mixed spelling exercises
  • filling out words in sentences and stories
  • practicing word order in a sentence
  • forming negative sentences and questions
  • answering question sentences
  • a full answer key

workbook  workbook

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Save Time and Money

Many teachers struggle to find the right stories for their students.

In the end, they either make their own stories (highly time-consuming), or buy imperfect stories and manage with them somehow.

Save yourself the time and money, get this tailor-made package.

What Others Are Saying . . .

Alexandra K. after reading The English Short Stories for Beginners, Level 2 (her testimonial is translated into English, since Alexandra is only a beginner, and couldn't say all of this in English, yet!):

"These stories are just right for beginners!

All of the words are simple, and can be read according to their spelling. (Now, that's important since I find general English spelling very complicated for students!)

The book is funny and surprising, which makes it more fun to read. Also, the word count in every story turned it into a game.

Every time I wanted to read more words. Overall I've read more than 2000 words! That's a lot!

I really recommend the stories to others who are just starting out!"

The Method Behind These Resources

What Should Beginners Read?

There are many English short stories for English learners, but not many of them are suitable for complete beginners or children.

Students who are taking their first steps after just learning the alphabet require a different approach.

What Should You Avoid?

Here are the common problems such students face with typical short stories:

  • too many new words to remember
  • boring stories

And this one is my "favorite" as a teacher:

  • words' spelling does not match the sounds of the letters the students have just learned!

A Real-Life Example:

The student has just learned that "e" is pronounced like the "e" in "egg".

The reading assignment, however, has words like "make" and "break," where this is obviously not the case.

This is a major source of confusion! 

Naturally, there are specific spelling rules, and these can be explained, but not at this stage.

This is why our resources are designed to build vocabulary, reading skills, and confidence in a step-by-step approach.

The most important thing is to get your students to assimilate the alphabet, while they are reading comfortably and building up their vocabulary, reading skills, and confidence.

That is why this revolutionary set of stories exists:

  • To help you teach and practice reading easily and quickly
  • Build up the student's basic vocabulary
  • Make reading easy and fun, instead of difficult and frustrating

The stories are fully illustrated and full of humor --> a great recipe for fun lessons.

A Special Bonus – English Short Stories for Complete Beginners

English Short Stories for Beginners

Ideal for complete beginners or children learning English: 

  • 54 pages long
  • Fully illustrated
  • Simple and easy

As mentioned before, it can be a real challenge to find stories and activities that are suitable for students. This is especially true if they are beginners.

Most stories have at least some of the following flaws:

  • too advanced, or too complicated for beginners
  • hard to understand
  • not really interesting
  • contain idioms and other advanced vocabulary structures
  • too long

These things tend to reduce the student's motivation and make lessons less effective.

If you are facing these problems as a teacher, then it's good you found Really Learn English.

My name is Ola Zur and I'm the founder of Really Learn English and the author of this special storybook.

I've been teaching English for years and one of the first things I had to learn (the hard way) was the scarcity of good and easy stories for complete beginners.

Complete beginners are those learners who have just learned the alphabet, learned the basic simplified sounds of the letters and hardly have any vocabulary.

The next step for them is to read very short and simple stories.

However, most stories at this stage are either too complex or simply not interesting.

I've searched extensively for such simple and interesting stories, but with very little success.

Therefore, I began doing what many other teachers do –
I prepared my own stories.

Preparing the stories was highly time-consuming, but at the same time, it was super successful.

Max the dog The results were clear:

  1. The students were much more motivated to learn and practice.

  2. The lessons were more enjoyable and far more effective.

You don't have to do what I did!

That's right. You can take advantage of my work and use these simple yet funny stories in your lessons.

  • simple and easy stories

  • specifically designed for complete beginners

  • fully illustrated by the author to provide fun visual aids

  • useful for teaching reading, basic sentence structure, and practicing the basic sounds of letters

  • funny and enjoyable

  • and above all: a great motivation booster!

Using these resources you can save countless hours of work and preparation.

What's special about this resource?

Max the dogIt is simple enough for absolute beginners.

It practices both very basic vocabulary, as well as simple one-to-two syllable words.

It uses a great deal of repetition for maximum retention.

Furthermore, it is rich in illustrations and full of humor. This is a rare combination, since most resources need to compromise one or the other.

More importantly, this storybook is specially built so that your students will be able to remember and use what they have learned.

This storybook is ideal for:

  • ESL/EFL students on their first steps after learning the alphabet

  • Children learning English

It is not suitable for:

  • More advanced students who read very well and have a good basic vocabulary.


Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4

Additional special features:

1) You can read it on-screen without printing.

The text is big and readable and you can read the stories with your students right from the screen.

2) You can easily use print-outs of this storybook with your students.

  • Upon purchasing you are granted permission to print out or photocopy copies for your students. You can use these copies as lesson materials, class worksheets, homework assignments, quizzes, and tests.

Can't I get all these materials elsewhere for free?

I seriously doubt it. After years of searching I haven't found anything like it online for free (or for pay!).

As I said, easy English + funny/interesting = a rare combination.

Most stories are either easy or funny/interesting, not both.

That's the reason so many teachers are forced to create their own materials.

So our resources are all ready and waiting for you. All you need to do is click the green ADD TO CART button on the right, and they are yours to start using immediately!

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