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Use our fun and illustrated stories to build your students' vocabulary.

These stories are precisely made to help you effectively teach vocabulary.

Students can make lists of words, play with flashcards, and pass dictations, but what really counts is usage. And with our stories you will give them just that!

Our story books use tightly chosen vocabulary, so that your students can understand the stories and progress step by step. Now, many "simple" stories are not very interesting, which could hurt your teaching.

That's exactly why you should use our books. The stories there are made to be fun and amusing. You and your students can learn English the fun way, using interesting stories!

Then reinforce their knowledge with the many different activities. Finally, check yourself using the answer key.

All books are downloadable and printable, which means you can get them now and be ready for your next lesson!

  • The stories leave out all the "noise" (such as difficult to understand vocabulary and advanced tenses). That way your lessons can be super focused. Your teaching can become much more effective and students are much more motivated.
  • The lessons are built in a step-by-step approach. This makes the lessons better and smoother.
  • Teaching vocabulary could become boring, but using our stories and many different activities your lessons will be much more interesting and fun.
  • You save yourself priceless time by using our resources as they are, or customizing them.

Help you students enjoy their learning. Get faster and better results as a professional teacher. Save yourself time by using our tested methods and materials.

Learning English and Your Human Rights

30 educational short stories written in simple English. These stories practice English and teach the Human Rights at...

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