Learning English and Your Human Rights

By Really Learn English (eBook Format)


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30 educational short stories written in simple English.
These stories practice English and teach the Human Rights at the same time.

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Usually the stories in Really Learn English are about funny everyday things in life. They don't usually have a moral.

This series of stories is different, since each story has its own moral.

The topic of the series is our human rights. 

What are human rights? These are the rights we all have simply because we're human.

Why are they important? Because even now, in the twenty first century, they are not kept. There is still discrimination, ignorance, and suffering. There are wars. And if we don't fight for our rights - we may lose them. 

To help support this important cause, Really Learn English has prepared a series of English short stories. If you read and practice them, they can help you improve your English, or your students' English. They will also spread the message of human rights.