Testimonial of Diana

On the Simple Tenses Grammar and Exercises Series:

I have to say that I am absolutely... positively... blown away by the Simple Present Stories and Exercises book. What an amazing resource. Not only is the content high quality, so is the look and feel. It's beautiful!  

You explain the grammar so clearly and provide so many examples and practice exercises that students will truly understand the grammarinside and out, backwards and forwards.  

I got more and more excited as I scrolled through the pages and was eager to read the story that demonstrates the grammar. The story about Jack was interesting, fun, and clearly demonstrates the grammar.  

I thought that it stopped there but then you provide 4 MORE STORIES for the present simple! I couldn't believe it. You truly over-deliver and this was only ONE of the books! 

The entire course covers all 4 simple tenses and I am sure it provides learners with a solid understanding of the grammar. Not to mention providing teachers with an interesting and FUN approach to grammar!  

Will you be writing more books to cover all the grammar tenses? I hope so! I can honestly say that it would be one of the best grammar courses out there!!

On the English Short Stories Book and Workbook: 

I can't stop reading them Ola! Seriously, they are awesome.  

They are simple, but FUNNY. I actually laughed out loud!  

This is the first time I've ever laughed when reading ESL stories in simple tenses. 

Diana Tower