Direct Speech and Reported Speech Workbook

By Really Learn English (eBook Format)

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The easy way to teach direct and reported speech.

148 pages of explanations, rules, exercises, stories, and lots of hands-on practice.

Get this illustrated workbook and you will receive the following items:

  • Step-by-Step Workbook (148 pages)
  • Full Answer Key (51 pages)
  • Class Activities (52 pages)
  • Final Test (10 pages)
  • Rule Summary (23 pages)

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The Direct Speech and Reported Speech Workbook is a comprehensive resource for English teachers and tutors. Inside you will find anything and everything you need in order to: 

Boost your confidence as a teacher.

Get your students interested in your lessons.

Help your students get stellar results on the topic.

Get all the help and tools you need to be the SUPER English teacher you can be.

The specifics – what is the Direct Speech and Reported Speech Workbook?

It is a step-by-step workbook, focusing on teaching the direct and reported speech in English, from zero knowledge and up to full mastery.

What does the workbook include exactly?

  1. Teacher’s Guide
    in this chapter you get important tips and advice to make sure you use the best practice while teaching this topic and using the workbook.
  2. What Is Direct Speech? What Is Reported Speech? 
    Basic, clear, and step-by-step explanations so that your students get the important foundations in place.
  3. Changes in Person, Place, Time, and Possessive Words
    All the details you and your students need to know about, in one handy place, with many different examples.
  4. Reporting verbs (say, tell, announce, promise, etc.)
    A list of the most common verbs we use to report. Your students must know them, and must know how to use them correctly in REAL English.
  5. Reporting in Different Tenses and the Tense Shift
    Simple explanations to this advanced topic. After going through your lessons with this workbook your students will know how to do it in their sleep!
  6. Modal Verbs in Reported Speech
    With these rules and exercises your students will remember how and when to change important verbs such as CAN and MUST.
  7. Rule Summary
    Find everything you need in one handy place (perfect for future reference)

How can the workbook help my students and me?

Every lesson contains:

  • Rules
  • Stories
  • Exercises (including hands-on practice)
  • Homework units

The rules are written crystal clear so that nor the teacher nor the students have any questions left.

The exercises practice the rules and develop the skills.

The hands-on practice makes the students actually USE what they have just learned. By "use," we don’t just mean “write assignments.” We mean real usage in speech, listening, etc.

The stories provide context and further practice. They help make the lessons lighter and more fun.

The homework units give you, the teacher, a handy tool. At the end of the lesson you can give the homework sheets so that the students practice on their own before your next lesson. That way they become more knowledgeable and skilled, with no extra effort from you in preparing homework assignments. 

What’s special about your workbook?

It’s written using the Really Learn English method.

What’s special about your method?

We believe that the thorough route is the best route. And surprisingly, it is also the fastest route.

This means all of our resources have the following key elements:

  • A step-by-step approach from the foundation to the top
  • Easy vocabulary (in accordance to the level of students), so that you can focus on teaching the new grammar topic, free of distractions
  • Submerging the student in the topic. This means the students follow a specialized series of tasks: many kinds of exercises, hands-on practice, stories, etc. That way the students advances in giant leaps from lesson to lesson AND you keep your lessons fun an active (and more interesting for the teachers too!)
  • Using many illustrations to get the message across and add life and color to the lessons

Who is this workbook for?

The Direct Speech and Reported Speech Workbook is for students in the intermediate to advanced levels. This means the students must already have a good level of vocabulary and at least basic understanding of:

  • The common English tenses
  • Modal verbs

The Direct Speech and Reported Speech Workbook is NOT for:

  • Beginners
  • Students with perfect control of reported speech and its usage.

How will I know the Direct Speech and Reported Speech Workbook Is right for my students?

You don't need to take our word for it. The best way is to use it in your lessons and watch the results.

You are fully protected by our Money Back Guarantee.

This means that if at any time, during the first 30 days after your purchase, you can request and get a full refund.

We gladly offer this guarantee since we are confident that this unique product is a highly efficient teaching tool every teacher should have in their toolkit.

How can I pay?

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Is there shipment involved?

No. All our books and workbooks come in digital form. This means you get them immediately, without waiting for delivery, and without paying shipment costs.

You will have the materials in the form of files on your computer. You can then print them out and use with all your students.

How soon will I get my workbook?

All our books and workbooks come in digital form. This means you will be able to download them immediately after your purchase.

How will I get my workbook?

After your payment has been approved, you will be directed to a "download page."

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Do I need special software to access the workbook?

To view the files on your computer, you need to download our special reader. It is available free of charge from our website, and you only need to download it once. It is available for Windows and Mac.


Are there other teachers using Really Learn English products?

We have a large base of teachers and students regularly using our resources. You can read some of their testimonials here (opens in a new window).

I still have a question. Who can I contact to help me?

Go ahead and contact us. We’ll be glad to help!

Simply click on the “Contact Us” button to your right to do so.

What does this package include?

In addition to the Reported Speech Illustrated Workbook, We offer the following items:

Direct Speech and Reported Speech Answer Key

This is a crucial addition you must get. ALL the answers, to ALL exercise, including: writing exercises, hands-on practice, homework units, and the final test! Use it to easily check your students, or help them check their own answers.

Direct Speech and Reported Speech Class Activities

Spice up your lessons with these fun yet instructive activities.
Use whenever you have a gap to feel, the students seems less "lively" or the lessons becomes "dry."
Just open up the class activity booklet and bring your class back to life.

Direct Speech and Reported Speech Final Test

It’s testing time! Easily grade your students using this final test and its elaborate point system.

Direct Speech and Reported Speech Rule Summary

A separate booklet with ALL the rules, not only for the reported speech, but for ALL the tenses. Everything is usefully organized in one central location. For your or your students’ use.

If you purchase the Direct Speech and Reported Speech Workbook, you will get all of these bonuses, at no extra cost!

So, to summarize:

WHY should you get the Direct Speech and Reported Speech Workbook?

  • Because the workbook is designed using a proven method for data assimilation and skills building.
  • Because it concentrates on results, while making the lessons fun and rewarding
  • Because it will save you as a teacher hours and hours of your time.
  • Because your students will thank you.

Get your copy of the Direct Speech and Reported Speech + Bonuses.

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