Download Javelin

In order to read and use your digital book(s), you will need a special free reader called "Javelin". You only need to download and install it once, and it can be used for all our products. Currently, we support Windows and Mac computers only.

After installing Javelin, you will need to register it and activate the digital books. (You will only need to do that once.)

Important - Activate the digital books only on the computer you want to use them on. Once the materials are activated on a certain computer, the digital files can be viewed and used on that computer only.

Javelin Download Javelin Reader

For Windows Users

For Mac Users

For Mac OSX 10.7 and later: Javelin is available as a free download from the Mac OSX App Store. Use the App Store on your Mac to search for "JavelinM" and download it.

For Mac OSX (OSX 10.6 users ONLY): download from this link, double-click to open and enable.