Devices Information

All books, workbooks, and booklets on the Really Learn English store are sold and delivered as protected digital files (eBooks).

Once you make a purchase, you will be able to download the eBook files to your computer for your immediate use. Afterwards, you do not need an Internet connection in order to use, display, or print them.

When you select 1 in the Number of Computers field, your eBook files will be enabled for one computer of your choosing (for example: your desktop computer).

When you select 2 in the Number of Computers field, your eBook files will be enabled for 2 computers of your choosing (for example: your desktop computer and laptop or 2 desktop computers, and so forth).

When purchasing for 2 or more computers, you receive a 40% discount discount on your entire purchase automatically.

After your purchase, you will also receive a download link by email, in case you would like to download your eBook files at a later time or to a different computer.

Subscription Information

Your one-year subscription grants you one full year of access to the product or bundle you purchased.

After a year, if you decide to do so, you can extend your subscription for another year at a major discount. You will also receive any newly added materials and the newest editions available at the time for your product.

Of course, you can continue using any printouts you make with or without an active subscription.

To view the files on your computer, you need to install our special eBook reader, which you will get free of charge with your eBooks.

The eBook reader can be installed on a PC or Mac (Windows and OS X operating systems).