Future Perfect Story – Dancing All Night

This story is part of the Perfect Tenses Series.
All the future perfect verbs are underlined.

Two students, Dan and Ryan, have decided to go out dancing on Friday night. They have done so much work during the past couple of weeks! They are in the final week of the semester.

But, by Friday, they will have finished all their final projects! They really want to celebrate. So, they will go out dancing and try to meet some fun people.

“After a few minutes listening to the music and looking at all the other people, we will have forgotten about all this hard work,” Dan says, closing his notebook and putting down his pencil.

“For sure,” Ryan agrees. “We will have left all that stress behind!”

Will we have made some new friends by the time we go home?” Dan asks. “I feel like we have not done anything fun in weeks!”

“It is true that we really only see our classmates,” Ryan admits. “We will not have had time to learn much about the new people we dance with, but I am sure we will have met some nice people. And that is how you make new friends, right?”

“Maybe we will even meet some nice girls,” Dan says. “I will feel very confident, you know?”

“Why is that?” Ryan asks.

“Well, partially because I will have finished a very difficult semester and I will need to unwind…” Dan replies. “But mainly because I will have put on my lucky bow tie before we go out!”

“Your lucky bow tie?” Ryan exclaims. “But maybe after just a few songs, you will have gotten tired of dancing!”

“No way! I will not have gotten tired after just a few of songs. I will have lots of energy. Remember, I will have worn my lucky bow tie!” Dan explains.

“Well, your lucky bow tie may help you with your energy,” Ryan says, “but after about five minutes, it will have scared away all the girls!”

This story is part of the Perfect Tenses Series.
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